Promtest is a limited liability company founded in 1998 with the aim of developing the field of molecular biology in Armenia through the introduction of applied innovative technologies.

Promtest opened a DNA diagnostics laboratory, where it offered services to a wide range of customers mainly in the sphere of infection control. Diagnostics services included tests for bacterial infections transmitted through sexual, parenteral and other ways, a number of DNA and RNA viruses, as well as cholera. Unfortunately, the services of the company weren’t put to use in identifying the acute intestinal infection that affected the Armavir region in September of 1998. Nevertheless, Promtest continued to cooperate, as it does now, with many governmental and private institutions.

Promtest started cooperation with the Armenicum project, conducting its lab tests. The company also helped the project in creating its laboratory base, as well as supplying it with chemical agents and equipment.

Promtest supplied and installed laboratory equipment for the genetic identification laboratory at the Scientific-Practical Center of Forensic Medicine in Armenia. Specialists who work for the Center have undergone their training at Promtest. It was then that identification of persons became possible in Armenia on a genetic level.

Promtest began cooperation with the Center for Cardiac Surgery in the area of infection control and nosocomial infections. It was thanks to Promtest that, for the first time, molecular typing of microorganisms and the differential analysis of nosocomial infections became possible in Armenia.

Promtest began to offer services for the quantitative testing of hepatitis C. Until recently this was the only such available service in the region.

All analyses of hepatitis C prior to this would have to be sent to Germany through Georgia. Promtest was also the first to make possible the quantitative testing of RNA viruses.

Promtest began training specialists for the Criminal Centre. This year saw the installation of genetic identification equipment at the Centre and the launch of its laboratory.

Promtest began cooperating with the Epidemiological Service of the Ministry of Health. In partnership with Promtest, the Republic’s Sanitary and Epidemiology Service bought chemical agents for the diagnosis of avian influenza, the first test for which in Armenia was carried out in January of 2006 by Promtest.

Promtest was now able to carry out toxicology tests using the newest equipment of the Abbott Laboratories brand. This gave Promtest the capability to determine the concentration of medication, alcohol and a variety of both traditional and synthetic recreational drugs in the bloodstream.

For a number of years now, Promtest has been working on a Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) project. In 2005, a change was made to the law on “Food Safety” making the labelling of GMO foodstuffs mandatory. Promtest is now able to provide such services to local manufacturers, importers and other interested parties.

Today, Promtest has 60 highly qualified specialists who work for the wellbeing of our patients on a daily basis. Our specialists undergo an annual specialized training course and exchange experiences with colleagues from Russia and Europe, thus maintaining their knowledge and awareness of developments in the field on a high level.

Work for the health and well-being of people! NIL SATIS, NISI OPTIMUM!

— Our credo