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Международный Аэропорт “Звартноц”

Уважаемые Посетители!


Рады сообщить, что филиал Звартноц работает 24/7.

Таможенный пост “Баграташен”

Уважаемые Посетители!


Рады сообщить, что филиал Звартноц работает 24/7.

Provides collection and delivery services to our laboratories. Our At-Home Service provides Tests at Home and Urgent Tests at Home, meant for those particularly pressed for time, the disabled and those living far from Prom-Test laboratories. We would be happy to meet you in the comfort of your own home.

Dear Customer, please leave Your information and our employee will contact You:

  • within 30 minutes, if you registered 8:30-18:00
  • next day, if you registered after 18:00

📍 Our specialists will advise you

  • regarding the availability of our At-Home Service
  • restrictions with regards to the collection of biomaterial
  • the cost of our services and the time of the visit
  • check the availability of our Urgent Tests at Home service with the Call Centre, as capacity for this service is limited.

📍 Because of the need to comply with certain conditions, our At-Home Service is unable to deliver biomaterial for the following tests:

  • Adrenocorticotrophic Hormone
  • Thromboelastometry
  • Platelet aggregation
  • Swabs from genitourinary organs (gynecology)

📍 You can get the results:

  • Through email
  • At any of our laboratories
  • By accessing our Self-Analysis system

You can hand the biomaterial for delivery to one of the medical officers of the At-Home Service. Collection of the biomaterial (including urine, feces, breast milk, sputum etc.) within the container doesn’t require the presence of our medical officer, but the patient must have a sterile container and be informed about instructions for collection. Biomaterial for the “Determination of Biological Relationship” and “Antibiotic Susceptibility” tests is strictly only accepted upon agreement with a call operator of the At-Home Service. An At-Home Service medical officer cannot pick-up biomaterial which has been collected more than a certain period of time ago, making it unsuitable for testing.

📞 8599   📞 /+374 11/ 58 58 58

📞 /+374 60/ 75 58 75 (Hrazdan)   📞 /+374 95/ 44 58 58 (Vanadzor)  📞 /+374 44/ 17 58 58 (Բագրատաշեն)

Call center works 24/7

You can address all your questions about the laboratory and its activities here. More than 99% of questions are resolved through a single phone call. Contact us here for information about tests, necessary preparations for them, for information about your order and to arrange a visit from our At-Home Service.

 📞 /+374 60/ 44 58 58   📞 /+374 55/ 44 58 58   📞 /+374 11/ 58 58 58   📞 /+374 60/ 75 58 75 (Hrazdan)   📞 /+374 95/ 44 58 58 (Vanadzor)

This is a unique database management system created by us for quick and easy access to test results.

The Self-Analysis service:

  • Saves in chronological order all the information about tests you’ve had with Prom-Test laboratories
  • Provides an analytical review of test results
  • Allows you to print the results in your chosen format