Addresses of our laboratories:

Our call center working hours are 9:00 to 18:00 everyday but Sunday.
You can address all your questions about the laboratory and its activities here. More than 99% of questions are resolved through a single phone call.
Contact us here for information about tests, necessary preparations for them, for information about your order and to arrange a visit from our At-Home Service.

Phone: /+374 60/ 44 58 58
              /+374 55/ 44 58 58
              /+374 11/ 58 58 58
              /+ 374 60/ 75 58 75 (Hrazdan)
              /+ 374 95/ 44 58 58 (Vanadzor)

    Provides collection and delivery services to our laboratories.

    Our At-Home Service provides Tests at Home and Urgent Tests at Home, meant for those particularly pressed for time, the disabled and those living far from Prom-Test laboratories. We would be happy to meet you in the comfort of your own home.

    Phone: /+374 60/ 44 58 58
    /+374 55/ 44 58 58
    /+374 11/ 58 58 58


    To arrange a visit you can either:

  • Call our Call-Center
  • Complete an electronic form available on our website

Our specialists will advise you regarding the availability of our At-Home Service, restrictions with regards to the collection of biomaterial, the cost of our services and the time of the visit.
Check the availability of our Urgent Tests at Home service with the Call Centre, as capacity for this service is limited.
You can hand the biomaterial for delivery to one of the medical officers of the At-Home Service. Collection of the biomaterial (including urine, feces, breast milk, sputum etc.) within the container doesn’t require the presence of our medical officer, but the patient must have a sterile container and be informed about instructions for collection.
Biomaterial for the “Determination of Biological Relationship” and “Antibiotic Susceptibility” tests is strictly only accepted upon agreement with a call operator of the At-Home Service.
An At-Home Service medical officer cannot pick-up biomaterial which has been collected more than a certain period of time ago, making it unsuitable for testing.
Because of the need to comply with certain conditions, our At-Home Service is unable to deliver biomaterial for the following tests:

  • Adrenocorticotrophic Hormone

  • Thromboelastometry

  • Platelet aggregation

  • Swabs from genitourinary organs (gynecology)
  • You can get the results:

  • Through email

  • At any of our laboratories

  • By accessing our Self-Analysis system
    • This is a unique database management system created by us for quick and easy access to test results.

      The Self-Analysis service:

    • Saves in chronological order all the information about tests you’ve had with Prom-Test laboratories
    • Provides an analytical review of test results
    • Allows you to print the results in your chosen format
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